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It’s not very common that a UX professional also does UI. This means I could potentially do both jobs (and have in the past). But from the two, I prefer the concept part, so that is what I usually do in projects. To have that hidden ability allows me as an IA to make wireframes that are easy to transform into a screen design, even if I don’t end up doing the design myself. Also when I’m asked to also do the design, the design already is the concept. Everything is already thought out in terms of structure and functions and can often be used instead of a wireframe.

Most of my work today is strategic and conceptual and if there is an experienced designer in the project, it makes more sense for me to focus on concept and IA, even though I still enjoy designing in my spare time.

The examples shown here are

  • designs for pitches and regular projects
  • based on existing brand styles or creating new brand styles
  • for desktop, pad and mobile
  • for apps and sites
  • for community, commerce and content purposes
globe  Clients of the examples shown here
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