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Both words can mean many things to many people. Usually a sitemap or flowchart is an overview over how information is organised on a site or app. It schows general clickpaths to create awareness and understanding on the kind and amount of clicks to a desired result (for example to get to a detail page)

The examples shown here are

  • a diagram of all pages of the site and the template being used
  • a clickpath through a clickable prototype as reference for the developers
  • steps in an installation process
  • pages of a portal and main page connections
  • classic flowcharts that simply show all pages of a site
globe  Clients of the examples shown here
Telefonica        logo_allianz        e-on
Telecom        logo_bbva2        Linde Group
logo_hoteljacob        Baden-Wuertemberg        SCOUT 24
Quelle        logo_goodyear
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