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The most elaborate, thought out navigation and template system is of no value if nobody understands how it works. Despite its bad reputation, documentation is still one of the most vital parts of any project. There is only so much you can explain with a clickable prototype, especially when all the important backend routines are not in place yet and all creators are off to other projects.

While we are still waiting for a realistic and practical solution to create secure online spec books, here are a few examples of ‘classic’ documentations I created (In these examples, the conceptual, functional, and visual solutions were also created by me)

The examples shown here are

  • functional specs on the logic behind searching, filtering, displaying, etc.
  • brand and interface styleguides describing pixel measurements, colors, etc.
  • wireframes describing and ID-ing all elements on the screen
  • lists or charts describing the content logic in menus
  • charts describing template systems used across multiple sites
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