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P E T R A  Q U I L I T Z
U S E R   E X P E R I E N C E   A R C H I T E C T

I offer multiscreen user experience architecture for commerce- community- and content-driven apps and sites.

A few random facts

  • Senior Information Architecture and Interaction Design
  • +18 years extensive interactive experience (been there since the beginning)
  • Multichannel approach (thinking beyond the device across all 4 screens)
  • Native German, fluent English
  • Worked for a huge number of international clients and agencies
  • Worked in Germany, USA, Spain, France, New Zealand
  • Disciplined, self-motivated, team-oriented problem-solver
  • Good listener and nice to have around

What do I do
The usual and sometimes not so usual strategic conception, information architecture and user experience design.

What’s my USP (unique selling position)
Smart and simple device-independent concepts and a ton of experience for fast, produceable solutions within time and budget.

For whom
In contract for agencies (media, ad, design, product, industrial) in need of pragmatic, creative solutions to mind boggling project problems.

What’s the benefit for the client
Increase of purchases, page visits and brand value.

For what kind of media
Community, commerce, tv, video or brand apps or sites, platform- and device-independent.

How do I work
I do everything analytical, strategic and conceptual that is necessary to both fulfil a client briefing and exceed client expectations. If we have an increase in brand value, revenue and cost effectiveness, and if the client comes back to the agency with more business, my job is done.

Why hire me
If everyone runs away from the complexity of a project and you need someone who just steps in and fixes things.

How long is a minimum or maximum booking
As long or short as you like.

Where do I work
Mostly in or around Munich, but can travel.

For how much
Standard rate 100 EUR/hour. Special rate 80 EUR/hour (for when I believe you that I must give you one). For jobs that don’t require me to leave my home office, please inquire for the special-special rate.

Whenever you’re ready, and I’m not already booked. Get in touch.

P E T R A  Q U I L I T Z
U S E R   E X P E R I E N C E   A R C H I T E C T

phone    +49 (0)1573 7474 404
envelope    petra.quilitz@gmail.com

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